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Extra Tasks Week 15

As the government announced an easing of lock down this week we thought it would be a nice idea for you to plan some activities in preparation for this! Your task is to write out some tickets / plans of tasks you would like to do when more things are open. It might be nice to do this activity with the whole family.

BRAIN BUSTERS: This has a range of Maths, English & Science activities. These are only quick activities for when you have a spare 10 minutes. Work through the pages throughout the week


As our topic this half term is all about changes, today I would like you look at a change that will mostly definitely happen your in life (if it hasn't already). This is change is all about moving houses. If you have memories of this happening already then you may be able to talk about how it made you feel but if not perhaps talk to others that have & watch the stories I have attached. I would like you consider how would make you feel now? Your task is to think about the positives & negatives for this change - complete the sheet attached below. 


This week (if resources at home allow) I would like you make your own vehicle! The vehicle would be used by someone who was hunting for dinosaur fossils! Therefore it needs to be:

  • sturdy enough to drive over rocks
  • large, clear window so they can spot fossils clearly
  • A roof for protection from the rain & sun
  • Wheels that move smoothly

I have attached some activities to help you plan, make & evaluate your jeep! We would learn in depth about wheels & axles so I have attached some videos on this too! Can't wait to see what you come up with 

A few things you may need: cardboard boxes for chassis & wheels, scissors, sellotape, straws for the wheels, paint or colours to decorate