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Healthy Living Week Tasks Week 8

This week we would love for you to complete a wellbeing journal - I will attach a page for each day underneath.

Monday 11th May - Looking after me! 

Read through the PP which looks at lots of different ways we can keep our bodies healthy including exercising, food choices, getting plenty of sleep & even keeping up hygiene routines. Complete the activity attached - there are 3 different sheets you can choose from - choose the one that is enough challenge for you. 

Tuesday 12th May - Food Groups 

Read the PP which teaches the children about food groups and why we need a varied and balanced diet. See if you can quiz the children at the end of the PP as to what food does what for our bodies? E.g the carbohydrates give us energy (we usually make actions up for each one). There are a selection of activities you can choose from but I would encourage the children to complete the 'design a healthy food' as this will show whether they have understood what portions of each food group we need to stay healthy. 

Wednesday 13th May - Mental Health 

Often this is a subject we want to shield from young children but we feel it is important to use this language in our daily life with a positive connotation, rather than negatively. Just like we talk about about physical health & nutritional health we also need to talk about what goes on in our brains. We explain to the children that mental health is all about feelings & emotions and the need to look after these just like we would our bodies. I have attached a few clips to help you explain it visually to the children. Read through the PP too for extra info. In school we focus on recognising a feeling & knowing what to do / who to talk to to make it feel easier. We also use yoga, exercise, mindfulness & breathing techniques to encourage children to be aware of themselves & their emotions. If you need any help explaining this further email us on 

The activity today is to find an old jar (perhaps decorate it) & get the children to write things in there that make them happy, people they can talk to when they have unwanted feelings, ways they can feel happy, things they are looking forward to. Enjoy - this might be something you could do as a whole family. 

Thursday 14th May - Exercise

Read through the PP about why its important to exercise. There is then a reading comprehension to complete about sports day & perhaps you could complete your own mini sports day at home! (I have attached a link for some ideas) take pictures & let us know how it goes!