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Archived Lockdown Learning 2019-20

If you wish to collect any of your children's work / books from this academic year the office will be open until Thursday 23rd July! This will be the last opportunity to collect this as classrooms are being cleaned & set up ready for September. Thank you - Year 2

The whole team would like to say a huge thankyou to all our children, parents, carers & families for all your patience, support, hardwork & general positivity during these last few months. You've all done amazingly well & we are so proud you. We feel a whole series of emotions; not having said goodbye to our classes or celebrating your time at Butler's Hill but we wish you all lots of luck for your new chapter in September. We can't wait to see you all in your new uniforms ready to start Broomhill. In the meantime, relax & have a fantastic summer holiday. Remember to keep safe at all times, have fun & make lots of memories!

For the next 2 weeks there will be a few practical tasks to engage with as well some extra booklet if you feel your child stills need some structured learning as part of your routine. We would usually take these last couple of weeks of term to look back on the children's time at Butler's Hill, celebrating this as well planning for the changes & events ahead. There are a few nice activities you can complete to help the children with this. In addition, we have provided a link to Oak Academy website that offers online virtual lessons for each year group for each subject. Some of you have already accessed this. It is fantastic! It provides virtual lessons for every subject and progression in all areas too. Take a look and enjoy!

WEEK 17 - Thank you SO much to those still accessing the website & using these resources to help you with your home learning. I know many of our families are beginning to go back to work & are having to juggle personal things whilst providing education, routine and structure for our young children. Thank you so much to all of you!

ZOOM MEETINGS Wednesday 8th July

Miss Beldham & Mrs Siddons will be hosting zoom meetings for each year 2 class on the 8th July. This is short opportunity to say hello to your friends & have a catch up. Please be ready to tell us;

1. Something new you've learnt whilst being at home

2. Something you are looking forward to about Broomhill 


We will send out the passwords etc to access the zoom call via text message on the 8th June.

The timings are:

2b - 10.00-10.30

2c - 10.30-11.00

2a - 11.00-11.30 


WEEK 16 - SO proud of you all. Keep going Year 2's!

We can't believe it's Week 15, can you? We are missing all our lovely children but especially our amazing Year 2's. The teachers think about you everyday & wonder what you're doing to keep busy. Feel free to email us on or - we would love to hear from you.

I have changed the layout of this page slightly so the tasks / pictures / images are now in subpages - the page was getting a little busy & took a lot of scrolling but don't want you to miss anything!

WEEK 13. What a rainy week we've had - hopefully you've all been busy working & learning at home. We have been very busy in school this week and all the teachers and children are missing you all. Please get in touch if you need work packs or any support.

Learning at home Week 12. We will be completing some maths, reading & writing tasks. This week there will also be a focus on promoting fairness & equality in our world. I'm sure lots of the adults in your homes have seen reports of events happening across the world, with the UK participating in peaceful protests over the weekend. This is something we need to make our children aware of in an appropriate manner so we can help raise children that will promote fairness & equality in their adult lives.

Year 2 we have made it to Week 11! I can't quite believe it - we are missing you SO much! We hope your half term was full of sunshine & adventures - the weather was very kind to us! This week we will be completing lots of activities to keep our brains busy again - enjoy & try your best!

The teachers have been super busy this week & there are lots of things to get ready for the next few weeks ahead but here are some of our chill time activities. What have you guys been up to?

Week 10 - HALF TERM Though we can't fill our days with things we would usually do in half term we can still make it happy & healthy. We will be relaxing the daily tasks to allow you all to make the most of the half term.

Play a board game with the whole family - remember no cheating & most of all no falling out

Do some baking! Flapcakes, fairy cakes, banana loaves, biscuits... the list is endless! send us your bakes on

Turn your living room into a cinema for the evening! Choose a film, make some tickets, prepare some snacks & enjoy!

Play shops! Get all the tins & packets out of the cupboards, price them up & invite people to your shop! Scan the items, help them pack their bags & give them the correct change!

Be a chef for the day & help your grown ups make breakfast, lunch or dinner! Can you even set the table & wash up after?

Can you make some artwork from things found in the garden?

Make a scrapbook to record what you've been up to for the last 10 weeks! You could include:

  • Photos 
  • Recipes you've tried
  • Pictures you've drawn 
  • Fun things you've done as a family
  • Write a list of how things have changed - queuing for the shops etc
  • Write a timeline of what happened when e.g lockdown on the 23rd March 2020 
  • Favourite moments
  • Things you were grateful for



Can you make your own instruments?

Animal Emoji Quiz


Teacher's weekly highlights - food glorious food

Week 9 - Carpe Diem - Seize the Day

Week 8 - HEALTHY MIND, HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY LIFE. The theme this week is to teach the children ways they can look after themselves. Hope you're all well & taking care of yourself too.

Both Miss Beldham & Mrs Siddons have been very busy this week with lots of planning & reports to finish - however there was plenty of 'me' time too! Mrs Siddons spent some quality time with her boys & Miss Beldham enjoyed a spot of baking.

Is it really Week 7? You're all doing amazing & we are loving the photos/emails that are coming through. Follow the links for daily tasks & get in touch if you need any support or just a general chat -

VE DAY - Friday 8th May - Make some crafts / host a garden party with your family

Miss Beldham's week highlight was a bike ride to Newstead Abbey - though no options for cake & coffee at the end the view was enough!

Mrs Siddons' week highlight was creating rainbow posters for her neighbours - she had a little helping hand from her youngest son.

Week 6 - Robin Hood Project. This week's daily tasks will focus on Robin Hood, this would have been our topic this half term so we thought it would be a nice idea for you to create your own little research project on Robin Hood.

Loving the Robin Hood Topic? Here are some fun activities to really get involved - some are very adult led so don't worry if this isn't feasible.

Week 5 - time to get our learning heads back on! We will post a new task to complete each day & some booklets for you to access as & when you need it. If you decided to take a break from work over the last 2 weeks, feel free to go back & complete the tasks from Week 3 & 4 too. We hope everyone is safe & making the most of extra family time.

Reading for pleasure - find your favourite book, your favourite spot in the house & get lost in a story

Practice the Year 2 Spellings - how many can you read & write?

A few words as a little reminder for you all to be kind to yourself. We hope you all enjoyed the sunny Easter weekend & are staying safe. See below the daily tasks for school closure Week 4. All the staff in Year 2 are sending all our families lots of love, positivity & good health.

If you feel as though you need more tasks to complete with your children we have attached some more home learning booklets for you to continue working through. Hope this helps!

Children's Yoga | CAROLINE INSPIRED |

This is Caroline! Both Mrs Siddons & I (Miss Beldham) practice yoga with her weekly. She is the most amazing lady & always helps you feel calm, present and in the moment. We'd love you to take some time in the day to complete her children's yoga practice! We have both been practicing daily using her online tutorials to help us feel grounded during this strange time in our lives. We'd love to know what you all think - namaste!

Rainbow Breath - Flow | GoNoodle

We know how strange this time is for us all & even the adults are feeling overwhelmed at times. If you begin to feel like this, take some time to be still, be present and complete a short meditation using a fun breathing technique!

Take some time out in your day to complete a colouring - something to relax yourself!

Happy Easter! As we enter what would be the Easter Holidays we have decided to continue with daily tasks for you to complete together to support the children and continue to provide a little structure. We would love to hear from you all so please feel free to email us: - share with us what you've been up to, photos or general messages! Stay safe & we hope to see you all soon!

Easter Baking - if you have the ingredients in (I know this is tricky at the moment) but have a go at some Easter Baking with a family member! There are 2 recipes attached below

P.E With Joe | Monday 6th April 2020

Hello Week 2 - We will be uploading ideas / lessons for you to with your children each day! Any queries or support needed please email; As the quote says; keep going, keep growing!

Premier Sport - Daily uploads

Our school sports provider (Premier Sport) are uploading daily tutorials - look out for Andrea who is our coach in school.

Bean diaries

Easter Crafts

WEEK 1. Please find lots of tasks / videos / ideas for the week ahead. If you have any queries we are at the end of an email - Keep smiling & stay positive! Best Wishes from all the Staff in Year 2

Plant Walk - Go for a walk with a family member - can you record all the Spring plants you can see? Remember to avoid busy areas.

Kids Beginners Workout | The Body Coach

Enjoy this kids workout led by Joe Wicks! Remember it's important to stay active - the recommendation for children is 60 minutes per day.

Rainbow Art - Can you create a rainbow drawing / painting / collage to place in the windows of your house! Lots of people all across the UK are displaying these to spread a little bit of happiness, joy & hope during this time.

Yoga for Kids!

Take some time in your day to try and relax, be mindful & refocus your brain. Adults can join in too!