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In Literacy, this week we will be learning about a book called Max's Words. See below for video and ask your child these questions.


Day 1

Look at the front cover of the book. Talk about the animals and people they can see? What do you think the book might be about? Read to page 3. What do you think Max might collect?


Day 2 

Read/listen to the story. What did Max collect? Do you collect anything?


Day 3 

Listen to the story again. Can you find words that would be put in the different groups such as food, animals, colours, toys


Day 4

Reread the story. Can you answer the following.

What happens in the beginning, middle, end of story?

Who are the main characters?

What is your favourite part?

What part didn't you like?

Anything that puzzled you in the story?


Day 5

Practice Name writing using letter formation resource below

Practice Curly Caterpillar Formation



Max's Words Read Aloud with AHEV Library

Max's two brothers collect coins and stamps. Max wants to collect something, but he is not sure what to collect. That's when he has the brilliant idea to col...

Other ideas you can do to support you child

  • read stories with your child
  • Learn their bear words
  • practice writing their name 
  • practice letter formation