Butler's Hill Infant & Nursery School

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Activities you can do to support your child's learning

  • Counting numbers
  • Recognising numbers to 5, then 10, then 20
  • Number formation
  • Number rhymes 

This week we will be learning to order numbers to 20, we will be using different strategies to support their learning we shall be using counting, a number track and hundred square (see resources below).



We will also be solving addition problems using pennies such as I have 6 pennies and Poppy has 3 pennies. How many do we have altogether?  (You can use anything such as toys, pasta, sweets etc) 


The number of the week is number 11.

Can you count out 11 objects?

Can you find different ways to make 11 using objects?

Can you take photos of number 11?


The shapes of the week are circle and sphere.

Can you go on a hunt and find them around,  and take a photo?

Can you describe them using sides and corners?