Butler's Hill Infant & Nursery School

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Fabulous Start!

I know that some of you have been bombarded with information over the last few days so I haven't done a newsletter this week, (we will send one out next week).


However, I did want to thank you all for being patient and supporting our new systems and routines for entry and exit to school - everything seems to be running relatively smoothly. We are getting quicker with both systems and movement around school has been effective. I also want to congratulate you for your time keeping, the phased opening time is working really well and almost everyone has arrived before the gate is closed.


The children, as always, have been a credit to you and are settling in well and are taking the changes in class, timetables, routines etc in their stride!


I have updated the diary with the dates and hopefully the website answers most of your questions.


F2 are bringing notes with their visit dates for the next two weeks today and nursery are starting their visits for Easter Children from next week - ring school if you are not sure.




Melinda Amos

Head Teacher