Butler's Hill Infant & Nursery School

Dream big, aim for me and our world



This half term we are looking at multi skills & games. Go outside if possible & practice some of these skills:

Striking: strike or hit a ball with increasing control, learn skills for paying striking and fielding games, position the body to strike a ball

Throwing & catching: throw different types of equipment in different ways for accuracy and distance, throw, catch and bounce a ball with a partner, use throwing and catching skills in a game, throw a ball for distance, use hand eye co-ordination to control a ball, vary types of throw used.

Travel: bounce and kick a ball whilst moving, use kicking skills, use dribbling skills

Passing: know how to pass the ball in different ways

Using space: use different ways of travelling at different speeds and following different pathways, directions or courses, change speed and direction whilst running, begin to choose and use the best space in a game

Attacking & defending: begin to use and understand the terms attacking and defending, use at least one technique to attack or defend to play a game successfully