Butler's Hill Infant & Nursery School

Dream big, aim for me and our world



This half-term our value is Encouragement. We will be sharing with the children ideas about how we can encourage each other in our learning, learning new skills and how to do things for ourselves. This is also supporting our characteristics of effective learning within our curriculum.

This week we will be talking about New Year and the fact that it will be celebrated in almost every country in

the world. People celebrate in different ways -

  • with special food
  • by having a party
  • with fireworks
  • by watching Big Ben Strike midnight on TV


People also make New Year's Resolution which ties in with our PSHE theme for the term ‘Going for Goals'

Some people may say things like

  • I will eat more fruit & vegetables
  • I will try to keep my bedroom tidy
  • I will be kinder to my brother or sister


You could make a resolution by answering these questions

1. Is there anything you would like to do better this year?

2. Could you be more helpful in any way?

3. Is there anything you might like to give up?


Write or draw a picture to show what your resolution is!