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Reading & Writing Tasks Week 13

DINOSAURS! Our topic this half term is based on Dinosaurs. This week I would like you write a report about your own imaginary dinosaur. Each day you write a different section of the report.

Monday 15th June - Today's section of the report will be about the Appearance of your Dinosaur! You need to use descriptive language to tell me what it looks like - does it have frills? armour? plates? what colour is the dinosaur? what size is it? how does it walk? does it have sharp claws or teeth or patterns on its body?


Tuesday 16th June - Today's section will be about the dinosaurs habitat. Can you tell me where it lives? What is like there? Is it dry, wet, hot, rainy? Are there lots of plants & trees? What can you see? Are there volcanoes? 


Wednesday 17th June - Today's section will be about the dinosaurs diet. What does it like to eat? Is he a herbivore, omnivore, carnivore? How do they catch their food? Do they hunt at night or in the day?


Thursday 18th June - Today's section will be about the dinosaur's babies! What do the eggs look like? Where are they kept? Does the baby look like the mother dinosaur? What does it eat?

These are for each day to help you plan what you are going to write. Once you've done the planning sheet there is some lined paper for you to write each section up neatly. Remember a title & subheadings!

READING 60 second reads - remember if you can't print you can still answer the questions orally or you can pick up a pack from school!