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Week 2

They have been changing through the day!

They are changing!!

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It is time for the caterpillars, who have now pupated into chrysalises, to move house. They spent 2-3 days, once they had pupated, in their first home to allow them to harden. There are a few short clips and a picture up close so you can see the pattern, shape and colours. My two found them very interesting and have even named them - I'm not sure how they will tell them apart but they had fun! laugh


Moving house!

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- What has happened to our caterpillars?
- Have a look at their webbing - can you find out why they have silken webs?
- Watch how they move! Why do they do this?
- Can you talk about what they look like?

colours and naming them.mp4

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29.5.20 - Moving house!