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Week 14 Maths Tasks

Telling the time

Monday 22nd June 

Today I would like you to think about the concept of time. Read through the PP & complete the activity attached

Tuesday 23rd June

Today I would like you to make your own clock out of crafts things you may have around the house. This will be a really handy for you to use all week. I will also attach some extra challenges to keep you busy today.

Wednesday 24th June

Today we will be looking at telling the time to o'clock & half past. This should be a concept you have already mastered as we have covered it several times in Year 2 & you may well have been taught in Year 1 too. You can use your clocks that you made yesterday to help you with telling the time to o'clock and half past. Read through the PP's & complete the activities below. If you need an extra challenge I will attach this below too. 

Thursday 25th June

Today I would like you to look at quarter past and quarter to. This is a harder concept as we begin to introduce the idea of past and to. Use the video clips to help you, as well as the PP attached. There is an activity attached below but if you prefer to teach these practically with the clocks you made that's okay. 

Friday 26th June

Today's focus will be telling the time to every 5 minutes. This is a very tricky concept and is a greater depth target for Year 2 but give it your best go today!