Butler's Hill Infant & Nursery School

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Week 14 Reading & Writing Tasks

Writing Tasks - Dinosaur Poetry

Monday 22nd June

I would like you to read through the dinosaur poems which are attached via a powerpoint. I would like you to pick one poem (preferably your favourite one) & your task is to complete a detailed review of this poem in preparation for writing your own. 

Tuesday 23rd June

Tomorrow we will be writing a plan up for our own dinosaur poems! But today we are going to focus on rhyming words as most poems include rhyming patterns/couplets/verses. Have a look through the Powerpoints and then complete the activities attached below

Wednesday 24th June

Today we are going to prepare a planning sheet to help us think of some ideas to write our own poems. Each section has different heading. I will attach an example of a completed planning sheet to give you an idea of what to include. Remember you can look back at the poems from yesterday for inspiration.

Thursday 25th June

Today you are going to write your poems up on lined paper! 


Friday 26th June

Today you are going to read a dinosaur poem that has already been written & answer some questions on it.